At Buchanan Dental Arts, we strongly encourage our patients to make dental visits become a part of their oral hygiene routine in order to provide maximum protection and care for their teeth.

Professional teeth cleanings are one of the most significant and crucial steps in order to achieve optimum oral health. Bacteria and plaque get stuck in the hidden areas of the mouth and sometimes, they cannot be removed by just brushing and flossing. It’s only imperative that you take time to visit our office to have regular cleanings and checkups.

A professional teeth cleaning is highly recommended in order to keep your teeth and your mouth healthy. In a dental cleaning, your dentist will be able to perform procedures that are necessary to steer clear of cavities, tooth decay, gum and periodontal disease. Deep dental cleaning, also known as prophylaxis is the process by which the deposits of tartar are removed, as these cannot be removed by just brushing alone. There are areas within your mouth and some places in your teeth that your toothbrush cannot reach which is why it is important for you to have dental cleanings.

Aside from getting dental cleanings, you can prevent developing oral health conditions with the help of regular dental checkups. During a dental checkup, we perform comprehensive diagnostic exams which include:

  • Reviewing of your medical and dental records to find out existing medical conditions such as heart problems, diabetes and other health issues that may have an impact to your oral health.
  • Evaluation of the conditions of your teeth and gums
  • Assessment of your teeth’s functions such as chewing and biting
  • Taking of X-rays to further check decay
  • Referral or recommendation to other specialists whenever necessary
  • We also perform an oral cancer screening for a more comprehensive examination.

What are the benefits of getting regular dental checkups and professional dental cleanings?

  • Good oral hygiene can help you maintain good oral health because there are many health conditions linked to poor oral hygiene especially when you start developing gum diseases. Oral health problems like gum problems can result in heart disease, pneumonia and other sickness.
  • You can have an increased self-confidence and self-esteem when you keep your teeth and mouth clean and healthy. You will no longer have to hide your pearly whites when you smile and speak.
  • You can keep cavities and tooth decay at bay. Brushing and flossing are sometimes not enough to get rid of plaque buildup and it’s important that they are removed. Otherwise, they will harden into a tartar which can be a reason for cavities. And, tartar can only be removed by professional dental cleaning which explains why you should have it at least once in every six months.
  • You can prevent early tooth loss. Tooth loss is normally a result of gum problems and gum problems begin with the spread of bacteria in the mouth. If you are able to control it, you will also be able to preserve your teeth for long.

To schedule an appointment for checkups and cleanings, you can call Buchanan Dental Arts at (914) 737-6300 .

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