Root canal treatment has always been perceived as a painful and scary procedure but it’s actually not. This treatment is one of the most useful and helpful procedures performed when there is a need to save an extremely damaged or decayed tooth and save it from extraction.

In this procedure, the infected part of the tooth or the pulp is removed and then the cavity is cleaned and filled with a filling material. The pulp is the innermost part of the tooth that contains blood vessels and nerve endings and once the infected pulp is removed, you will no longer have to experience pain.

How is a root canal treatment performed?

Before performing the root canal treatment, we will administer local anesthesia so that you won’t feel pain during the procedure. Once you feel numbness in the area of the tooth that needs treatment, we start by drilling an access hole in the biting surface of the tooth to access the pulp. Once the hole is drilled, we will remove the pulp and the nerves damaged by infection.

After removing the damaged parts of the tooth, you won’t have to worry about experiencing toothaches moving forward. The cavity will be thoroughly cleaned and filled with a filling material and then we will seal it. A crown will then be used to serve as a protection for the restored tooth so that it can begin to look and function like a natural tooth once again.

After this procedure, you may need to continue taking antibiotics or medications in order to avoid infection. The tooth treated by root canal treatment can last a lifetime if given proper oral care. However, in rare cases when the treated tooth fails to heal properly after months or years of treatment, or if it develops problems in the long run, you can still get a second chance save it. Another procedure can actually be performed to continue the healing and still save your tooth and this is called root canal retreatment. You can always talk us about this procedure.

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