No matter how much we try to protect and preserve our teeth to make them last a lifetime, there are times when tooth extractions will still be required. Here at Buchanan Dental Arts, we aim to give you a quality, yet comfortable dental experience even during tooth extractions.

There are oral health conditions that will require for a tooth to be pulled out but this procedure does not have to be painful because a local anesthesia will be administered. The goal extracting a tooth is to ultimately preserve and protect your remaining permanent teeth from damage which in turn improve your overall oral health.

Here are some of the most important conditions that require tooth extractions.

  1. Overcrowded mouth. A patient has an overcrowded mouth when their teeth are too big for their mouth and this is one of the instances when an extraction is actually required. Tooth extraction here is a crucial step in order to prepare the patient for an orthodontic treatment. Orthodontics aims to address oral health conditions like crooked, misaligned and crowded teeth. Sometimes, in order to allow more space for the misaligned teeth to freely move and correct their position, a tooth will have to be extracted. It is also the same case when a tooth cannot come out of the gums because of the lack of space.
  2. Risk of infection. There are times when a damaged or decayed tooth compromises your immune system because of the increased spread of bacteria in your mouth. This is one of the times when a tooth extraction is actually required.
  3. Infection. You can be at risk of infection if you have a severely damaged or decayed tooth and in these situations, antibacterial medications are prescribed or a root canal treatment is recommended. However, when these options do not work, then an extraction will have to be done in order to stop the spread of bacteria and to save the other teeth and surrounding tissues from getting infected.
  4. Periodontal diseases. The bacteria from gum disease may sometimes reach the roots of your teeth and the supporting bone structures, and when this happens, the tooth becomes loose. The loosened tooth from gum disease requires an extraction so that the spread of bacteria can be controlled and also to prevent bacteria from infecting your other permanent teeth and gums.
  5. Growth of permanent teeth. This is a common case for children with developing permanent teeth as there are times when their milk teeth do not fall out at the same time. When this happens, the permanent tooth that is about to emerge from the gums will not have enough space and to avoid problems with the growth of the permanent tooth, the milk tooth will have to be pulled out.

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